Published on 08/12/2016 10:28 am
Electronic Verification Code (EVC)

EVC is that the latest facility launched by tax department for e-filing the ITR verification on-line. The EVC stands for electronic verification code. The system generates a 1 time watchword referred to as EVC that is valid for few hours solely. With introduction of EVC, you'll be able to currently avoid causing acknowledgement papers or ITR – V to the CPC of IT department, Bangalore. Any payer with financial gain Rs. five large integers or below five large integers will generate the EVC to validate the ITR. Tax come back is filed on-line and verification will be done on-line or offline. Yet tax refund standing was verified by causing the ITR-V to the urban centre, CPC and checking ITR V standing. TDS refund standing check can even be done victimization the tax e-filing web site.

The EVC verifies the identity of the one that is filing for come back. Once the verification, the standing is going to be generated on the e-filing web site. KVS challan Status will be used solely by a personal or AN HUF to verify identity as a filer of tax comes back.

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Step by step guide for on-line TDS payment:
How EVC Works
The EVC is generated for AN assessed PAN. A similar EVC won't be valid for the other PAN because it is that the distinctive code issued on PAN range basis. The generated EVC is keep against the PAN range of the filer. The EVC code is valid just for seven hours. Once IT come back session terminated, the voucher will generate new EVC. EVC will be generated through ATM, web banking, and additionally victimization aadhar card authentication.

EVC is introduced in year 2015 and this may the primary year that the assesse are going to be edificatory their details to the IT through EVC. Users have AN choice to download ITR-4 form back right at the time of the uploading IT come back or perhaps once uploading the IT come back. If you've got already uploaded your IT come back at the e-filing web site, you'll be able to currently e-verify it. Login to your IT account at the feeling web site. Choose your e-file and opt for the e-verify come back possibility. EVC e-verifying methodology will be used for payment taxes beneath varied sections. We’ll be shortly brining additional info on tax payment, advance tax payment and TDS.

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