Published on 08/19/2016 11:17 am
How to Check UAN Activation Status Online

UAN is a short sort of Universal Account Number presented to the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) members. It helps the staff member to choose the account details along with other convenience. We are including the help of get the UAN activation status. If employees using a PF no whilst still being not get UAN no can make use of this portal to have the current UAN status online. This is a simple plan of action one by one. This can be verified on EPFO portal a registered site to determine the universal account no position.

To look into the UAN status each one must have their EPF member ID. It is a 22 digits long number. So write it around the notepad after which start pursuing the tutorials. Here we are planning to give you the indicate point details you should follow per.

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• First proceed to the EPFO site
• get the “Know Your UAN Status” and select it
• Select your city and region
• Now just do it with typing the establishment code and extension no
• if you cannot possess extension no, leave that column, just fill the establishment code
• Once you complete the column, you'll be displayed a “Check UAN Status” link on-screen.
Click on that link, you'll be getting the complete UAN status message.
• If you happen to be allotted the UAN no, it'll reflect on-screen
• If it's not, you are able to send the request to create it.

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From the immediate effect it is possible to send the request by following an option given with the right side with the page. With this you'll get an SMS of UAN member portal login within 1 week. Just fill every piece of information like age, mobile no after which captcha code and password. You will probably be acquired “Get Pin” option visit it. Immediately you are going to receive the PIN no on the cell phone inbox. Enter this PIN no within the Get Pin column and click submit button. You will likely be delivered a communication when your UAN no will probably be allotted.

From the aforementioned UAN status procedure you may go and find the UAN no after 1 week. UAN no is effective to update and look at the EPFO balance status online. Employee also can download e-passbook online with this particular unique identity no.

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